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Eminem concert in Wellington leaves behind 'sea of plastic'

By Melissa Nightingale | 04 Mar 2019 15:56

Eminem Concert

A Wellington man was shocked by the "sea of plastic" left behind after Eminem's concert at Westpac Stadium on Saturday.

Peter Steele was at the concert with friends and took a photo of the mess left behind by the 46,000 attendees.

"I just saw a sea of plastic, it looked like it had hailed," he said.

"The conversation just started with 'what a mess, what pigs, where do they go, that's appalling.'"

Steele said so much fuss was being made over plastic bags at supermarkets when massive amounts of plastic cups were being used at such events. He believed there would have been at least 100,000 cups.

He and his friends discussed music festival Coastella, and how attendees had been able to purchase a $3 cup which they used throughout the festival and were able to return for a refund at the end.

Anyone who didn't want to wait in line for their refund could put the cups in a bin, and charities could collect the refunds for their cups.

Steele questioned whether such a measure could be taken at Westpac Stadium.

A stadium spokeswoman said the amount of rubbish collected by the post-event cleaning crew was standard for a concert of this size.

"All rubbish was cleared on the night of the concert. All waste is collected and sorted by our post event clean-up crew and plastic and other recyclable products are sent for recycling locally."


Source: NZ Herald

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